Dreaming, Planning and Strategizing

Have you dreamt lately, planned and strategized for the year and decade ahead?

I have seen a lot of posts lately on New Year, New Decade, New You with this plan and that! As I enter my 50th year, this year, I decided to take myself away from the comfort of my office to take time out of my busy schedule to do some ‘blue-sky’ thinking in a hotel.

It was a surreal day, a lot of mixed emotions from the guilt of taking time out of business to work ‘on’ the business, knowing as a solopreneur, mompreneur, entrepreneur, business owner and a lot of other titles… It is hard to take time out when you know there is so much to ‘do’ in the office.

The day started with a workout in the gym and a swim at the hotel to get me into the optimum fitness (still a Xmas layer to remove but that is a work in progress!!) Then, some mindfulness work to get into the right positive mindset, and after a hearty breakfast, I felt alert, fully awake, and ready for the day ahead!

So with no phones, no laptop, no distractions, just a pen and paper, and my creative thoughts. I set about asking myself a series of questions on life and for me, my family, the business and the future. I discovered dreams I want to achieve, new experiences I have yet to discover, new ideas for the business, solutions to current problems, also new avenues to explore in the coming year and the decade ahead, for my life and how I would like it to look in the future.

So, as a little celebration of what I considered to be a productive day of both dreaming, planning, and strategizing, I booked in for a full body massage, which was extremely relaxing and finished off the day perfectly.

What I thought was going to be a business-focused day, ended up being a full body, mind, and soul experience to say the least. I enjoyed every aspect of the day and felt energetic, creative, focused on the task at hand, present in the moment, relaxed, and excited about the future — inflow, enjoying life’s journey.

So, have you set your intentions for the year ahead, both personal dreams and career aspirations, or business goals?

What area of your life have you chosen to work on, your future self, career or business, relationships to name but a few?

How have you celebrated?