As businesses restructure, we help with growth, as well as facilitating workshops for those facing change.

Helping Your Employees Through Business Restructuring

We recognise that businesses often face crossroads, juggling growth opportunities and necessary restructuring, we provide support during these pivotal moments. Our multifaceted approach combines expertise in facilitating growth and managing restructuring processes.

Complemented by day-to-day training and Everything DiSC programs, our offerings ensure a comprehensive toolkit for success, addressing the unique challenges of growth and restructuring.

Additionally, our outplacement programs support departing employees during transitional periods. Discover how Athwal Resourcing can support your business and employees in times of transformation.

Get in touch to explore services, from business growth facilitation, change management consultancy outplacement support, group workshops and individual coaching.

Facilitating business growth

At Athwal Resourcing, we're dedicated to helping businesses thrive during restructuring and beyond.

Our expert-led workshops offer targeted solutions, strategic insights, and actionable strategies to facilitate growth during times of change.

Discover how our workshops can empower your business's transformation.

Outplacement offerings

Our outplacement service is dedicated to assisting employees who have been made redundant to transition confidently into their next job opportunity. We understand the emotional toll of redundancy and offer compassionate support during times of uncertainty and stress.

Alongside expert career advice and essential career tools, we strive to make the transitional process effortless for individuals navigating this challenging phase.

Individual coaching / group workshops

Our career coaching services, offered through one-on-one sessions or customisable group workshops. The group workshops are gold, silver, bronze support packages, and these can be tailor-made to suit you and your company to ensure the employee is fully prepared for their next career chapter.

We also provide career planning, business coaching, and mentoring to empower professionals and entrepreneurs. Explore how we can help you succeed at every level.

Consultancy for managing change

It can be a daunting time for those who have to let go of people and overcome their fear of doing this.

We support them through this process and ensure that team morale and their workload remain unaffected.

What Our Clients Say


Ian Grubb

Finance Director

Fantastic set of workshops for our management team which has made a real difference to working practises and the team method of working.

I cannot recommend Devya highly enough for helping to connect and help develop teams through her training.

Motivating and Challenging but delivered in a supportive manner.


Wes Burrage-Jones

Asset Management Finance Director

Dev really sees the bigger picture when it comes to business and people. This means that the service delivered is holistic, high value add with long term success.

Very pleased to recommend Dev to anyone seeking quality recruitment, coaching and business development support.


Stuart Gregory

Finance Director

During lockdown in 2020 I contacted Devya about her mentoring programme, mainly as an outlet to make sense of the unusual circumstances I was thrown into as a Finance Director.

The sessions progressed and I got to greatly appreciate Devya’s calming approach to help rationalise the crazy external factors influencing my thought processes.

I will always be truly grateful for the mentoring Devya gave me through a very difficult period that kept me grounded, focused and grow in my approach to business. This whole experience was very personal to me and was the tonic I needed to help me at that time.

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In a market where talent is scarce, businesses recognise the need to implement a ‘structured’ talent management strategy to enhance the future growth of their business.

This ensures the employee’s lifecycle is one where the individual feels supported, developed and highly motivated to drive themselves and their organisation forward.

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